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24-bit 128x oversampling ADC.

Two cardioid mics, gain listed as +7 ~ +47 dB.

3.5mm stereo mic input (powered): 2kΩ, -7 ~ -47 dBu.

Two combo ¼” or XLR Mic/instrument jacks.

XLR: pin 2 hot, 1kΩ balanced, -10 ~ -42 dBu.

XLR has 24V or 48V phantom power if needed.

¼” unbalanced: 480kΩ, +2 ~ -32 dBu.

No line-level input. For line-level inputs, use an external 20 dB pad (not included) with the connections above.

USB for use as an outboard DAC.


SD cards (16MB ~ 2GB), SDHC cards (4GB ~ 32 GB).

USB connection.


24-bit 128x oversampliing DAC.

Only one 3.5mm stereo output with variable level. Use this either for headphones or for a variable line-level output, but not both at the same time.

This output has the same output level (1V RMS max) and source impedance (12 Ω) as an iPod Touch.

Paradoxically, the headphone output is rated simultaneously as 10k Ω load or more for -10dBu, and also rated as 20mW per channel into 32 Ω for the headphones.

USB for use as an outboard mic/preamp/ADC input to a computer.

Mono speaker amplifier rated 400 mW into 8 Ω. No speaker connector; internal speaker only.

FIle Formats

Maximum file size: 2 GB.


16 or 24 bit.

44.1, 48 or 96 kHz (ksps).


48 kbps

56 kbps

64 kbps

80 kbps

96 kbps

112 kbps

160 kbps

192 kbps

224 kbps

256 kbps

320 kbps

Also an unspecified VBR (variable bit rate) MP3 mode.


Two AA cells, rated 6 hours (11 hours in “stamina” mode only at 16/44.1).

Alkaline or Ni-MH AA cells.

USB power.

Included AC adapter or DC 5V 1 amp jack.


1.9″ black-and-white LCD.

128 x 64 pixels.

Daylight visible, orange backlight.

15 second backlight, easily set to 30 seconds or always ON or OFF.


35 x 73 × 156.3 millimeters HWD.

1.38 x 2.87 × 6.15 inches HWD.


11.955 oz. (338.9g) with 2-AA Ni-MH and 2GB card, measured.

9.9 oz. (280g), stripped, rated.