Green. Creative. Smart.

SPIRIT Slovenija

Slovenia is more than just a country—it’s a captivating story of green, creative, and smart values that shape its natural, cultural, and economic landscape. Our team of skilled videographers embarked on a remarkable media campaign, giving voice to over 40 brand ambassadors from diverse sectors and fields to tell this inspiring narrative.

Discover how Slovenia embodies its green values by respecting the environment, championing sustainability, and preserving its diverse landscapes. Immerse yourself in Slovenia’s creative spirit, expressed through its vibrant art, rich culture, tantalizing gastronomy, and thriving innovation and entrepreneurship. Uncover how Slovenia embraces smart solutions through cutting-edge technology, world-class education and research, and its unwavering commitment to competitiveness and quality of life.

This media campaign also sheds light on Slovenia’s achievements and challenges as a small yet dynamic country on the global stage. Reflecting on its past, present, and future, Slovenia emerges as a valued partner and a leader in the global community. Celebrating the nation’s diversity and unity, Slovenia embraces its multicultural identity with people from different backgrounds, languages, and cultures.

Not only did our media campaign captivate audiences in Slovenia, but it also garnered global attention by reaching millions of viewers through concise ads aired on CNN television. These ads showcased the green, creative, and smart sectors, effectively raising awareness about the project and the country.

Uncover Slovenia’s remarkable story and unlock endless business potential. Join us on this transformative journey through our media campaign, showcasing one of the world’s most remarkable green, creative, and smart nations. Embrace the opportunities for growth, sustainability, and innovation that Slovenia offers. Discover a land of infinite potential for your business.